1. Built In Stabilizer- Voltage conditions in certain parts of the country do not allow the comfort of fan air when electricity voltage is very low due to line overload. In some parts of the country voltage falls to less than 160 Volts when tube lights barely functions and fans just rotate and offer little air. With the ORBIT Fans one can enjoy constant airflow from 100 Volt to 285 Volt Input supply voltage. No more fighting with mosquito’s at night, No more sleepless nights.

2. Long Lasting Inverter- With Long duration and frequent power failures an inverter fails to provide sufficient back up in a typical household. A typical inverter with 24 Volt DC/150 AMP battery one can use branded fans for 4 hours only when 3 fans and no lights are used. With ORBIT fans one can use 3 fans for 10 hours for an uninterrupted full night rest.

3. Uniformly Spaced Speed Changes- Have you ever faced a situation where there is hardly any speed change between two speed settings of the regulator? Well Worry No More. Now all speeds are software controlled and are factory set to provide a very noticeable and evenly spread speed change with Remote or Regulator.

4. Option to Buy Fan with Remote Or Regulator- To make the life of our customers more comfortable and relaxed we have introduced our ceiling fan with the latest technology that will operate with the help of a Remote. Operating your fan with the help of remote makes your life easy and helpful in many different ways, for example at late while you’re sleeping you do not need to get up from your bed and reach to the regulator to adjust your speed, you can just manage with the help of remote.

Caution- Same Fan Can't operated with Remote and Regulator Interchangeably


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