Orbit Green Tec has been brought into presence to serve to India’s Population with Energy Efficient products that are used extensively on almost daily basis. “Energy Saved is Energy Generated”. With this in mind Orbit has embarked on selecting products that should be converted to energy efficient products which save the consumer some hard earned money resulting in living a much better life. It also assists in saving the nation from the perils of energy deficit. First such product identified is “Ceiling Fan” which consumes 13% of India’s Energy Generation. It is amongst the highest cumulative Energy Consuming device of any consumer product. We have developed an advanced infrastructural base which include a high tech manufacturing unit, specialized R&D facility, reliability testing program for manufacturing Energy Efficient BLDC motors.

This effort is supported by our manufacturing partner- M/S Micro Instruments Co. Micro Instruments has been in Motor Business since 1989 and caters to major OEMs in the country for Refrigerator Air Circulation Motors, Air Conditioning Motors. Micro is a highly vertical integrated organization that is well known in the appliance industry for its technical capabilities. The company manufactures its Shafts, Plastic Components, Toolings, High focus on testing facility, Build their own test equipment, PCB Assembly, CNC Machining In-house for their need. It has been in the field of Brushless DC Motor (BLDC) since 1995.


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